What do we do ?

Acuity Data is deploying a SAAS Revenue Management platform to help manufacturers and retailers of FMCG industry to identify pockets of growth and margin improvement with their data.

All your data creates value, use it!

We are experts

Technical Capability

  • Connectors to a majority of market data sources
  • Automated data ingest, wrangling, storage and preparation
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Alert mechanisms, periodic newsletters and simulation models
  • Web applications

Data Science & Analysis

  • Processing algorithms, data cleansing
  • Alert and anomaly detection algorithms
  • Past data advanced analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Advanced analysis algorithms
  • Machine Learning

CPG & Retail Intelligence

  • Detailed understanding of Revenue Management issues for consumer goods manufacturers
  • Expertise in the use of Retailers and CPGs data, panelist data and datasharing data
  • Several clients and use cases deployed for consumer goods manufacturers

They trust us !