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Our solution

Acuity Data deploys a SAAS Revenue Management platform to help manufacturers and retailers identify pockets of growth and margin improvement from their data.

Each Acuity Data module is backed by an automated platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically centralize, prepare, transform and analyze data. Our modules host the intelligence robot that we have built to address the key issues facing the retail industry (value management, promotion ROI, assortment management and pricing, etc.)

A secure web-based application allows all users to access the results of analyses, simulations and recommendations in real time from their personalized space.

Our modules

Acuity Retailer Value

Module for monitoring in-store performance and measuring the value created at retailers (sell-out, trade margin, contribution to growth) by industrial products.

Acuity Assortment

Module for monitoring assortment and product mix performance, simulating target assortments and recommending ideal assortments to maximize value.

Acuity Negotiation

Data Science module allowing real-time monitoring of the progress of negotiations and consolidation of performance achieved vs. mandates / costs.

Acuity Pricing

Module allowing the piloting and optimization of prices according to strategic objectives, past sales, competition and external influencing factors.

Acuity Promo ROI

Module for managing the performance of promotions, simulating the impact of future promotions and selecting the most relevant promotions according to the margin generated.

Acuity Ratings

Automated module for tracking product ratings via dedicated apps to help development of sales, marketing and R&D.

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We are experts

Technical Capability

  • Plugs to a majority of market data sources
  • Automated data ingest, wrangling, storage and preparation
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Alert mechanisms, periodic newsletters and simulation models
  • Web applications

Data Science & Analysis

  • Processing algorithms, data cleansing
  • Alert and anomaly detection algorithms
  • Past data advanced analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Advanced analysis algorithms
  • Machine Learning

CPG & Retail Intelligence

  • Detailed understanding of Revenue Management issues for consumer goods manufacturers
  • Expertise in the use of Retailers and CPGs data, panelist data and datasharing data
  • Several clients and use cases deployed for consumer goods manufacturers

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