A Revenue Management modular platform that fits your needs

Our solution

Acuity Data rolls out a SAAS Revenue Management platform and helps FMCG industry and retailers to add value to their data through various modules available via this platform.

Each module is based on a storage platform, which gathers all the data and databases and prepares them for the chosen module.

The analyses are then performed and sent to the Acuity Data Visualization Platform, available online, in real time.

Our modules

Acuity Retailer Value

Platform for monitoring in-store performance and measuring the value created at retailers (Sell-out, Trade Margin, Contribution to growth).

Acuity Assortment

Module for monitoring the performance of assortments and the product mix.

Acuity Negotiation

Data Science module allowing real-time monitoring of the progress of negotiations and consolidation of performance achieved vs. mandates / costs.

Acuity Pricing

Module used for price management and optimisation thanks to machine learning algorithms and depending on strategic objectives, past performance, competition and external influence factors (weather, events, etc.)

Acuity Promo ROI

Module using artificial intelligence to monitor the performance of promotions (ROI performance monitoring platform, incrementality, cannibalization) and simulate the impact of future promotions.

Acuity Ratings

Automated module for tracking product ratings via dedicated apps to help development of sales, marketing and R&D.

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